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glucht23s 5th gen yard

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glucht23s 5th gen yard

Postby glucht23 » Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:41 pm

most 5th gen yards you know are made of victini,vullaby,deino,cryogonal, you know common stuff.. well this yard HAS NONE OF THOSE! :D it's completely made of the 5th gens that are actually worth money and actually sell!here's some screenshots

Image 1000 pokes

Image ferleaf
Image solreep
Image seefin
Image zenith
Image terrakion
Image aquaff
Image aquafox
Image lillipup
Image divines
Image larvesta
Image tepig
Image oshawott
Image snivy (yes 25 of each 5th gen starter xD)

found by The_Tommo Image
found by perrystaar Image
found by The_Tommo Image
found by me Image

and many others found or skipped c:

in game name of the yard is BurnItUp9
Price is 20mil for entry offer it on a $0 at burnitup9 and send a request and then post on glucht23 profile and I'll accept :) note: this is not a miracle yard .-. 5th gens are still rare like in any other but there's more than any other yard ;)
Last bumped by glucht23 on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:41 pm.
Image credit to ramit for the banner~
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