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PBA Awards 2015

Hold contests and organize clans here, have fun and be fair to everyone. Do not start a contest if you do not have the prize to give.

Re: PBA Awards 2015

Postby DarkAizen » Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:42 am

1. Community Service - nobody i know of
2. Insomniac - [k]
3. Rising Star - no clue
4. Addicted - me
5. Celebrity Status - no one
6. The Big Boss - Nexus probably
7. The Jester - it depends on my mood whether i laugh or not, no one in particular tho
8. Aspiring Dictator -maybe Ryushi
9. Group Effort - i wouldnt know
10. True Battler - no clue
11. The Gardener -nope
12. The Garden of Eden - brb312 :/
13. The Unknown - *
14. Trivia Master - knowledge based on what? be more specific plz
15. The Unforgotten - my clan boyz
16. On the Watchlist - dunno
17. Ya dun goofed! - i dont know
18. Say that again?? - mine cuz i've said too many cool quotes and catchphrases to remember
19. The Unsuspecting Astronaut - *
20. The Comrade - such an irrational question, zombie apocalypse aint happening bro

i aint trying to diss the poll, my answers might not be that proper cuz 1) i wasnt much active 2) questions werent that good
anyways keep up the good work, looking forward to answer more polls 8)
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Re: PBA Awards 2015

Postby theashman83 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:06 pm

Now that it is January 11th, as stated, no more votes will be counted. Locking this topic until I tally the results.

The Results!
1. Community Service --- Ryushi (would've been me according to votes, but you weren't allowed to vote for me >:| )
2. Insomniac --- watergod7
3. Rising Star --- Jozec
4. Addicted --- Tidz
5. Celebrity Status --- Nexus
6. The Big Boss --- Nexus
But I would like to give a big shout out to Kat. Kat is forum staff, and has helped keep the forums clean of spambots for so many years, but without recognition. So thank you Kat! :rock:

7. The Jester --- SammyJim765 (This was a close one)
8. Aspiring Dictator --- Ryushi (also fairly contested)
9. Group Effort --- *Stars*
10. True Battlers --- W0LF3M4N (hope I spelt it right)
11. The Gardener --- HunterSeker
12. Garden of Eden --- Ryushi's mixed yard (Account name: Ryushi)
13. The Unknown --- A stalemate! Between Aldhairxd, whitesotong, and watergod7.
14. The Trivia Master --- Nexus
15. The Unforgotten --- Sandyboi.

Special Categories:
16. On the watchlist --- Hunterseker, for hoarding all the snotty bears.
17. Ya dun goofed!! --- All about skipping Voids apparently... joint winners are Pokemondestroyer123 and SammyJim765, as each one got voted for twice.
18. Say that again?! ---Hunterseker, with "Mr.Cuddles is the cutest guy in this channel, don't deny it"
19. The Unsuspecting Astronaut --- Nexus, because my clan wants to send me into space (I asked them to judge)
20. The Comrade --- He got voted twice, so Jozec wins this one.

Could all winners get in contact with me and let me know when they have $0 trades up for me to offer the prize cash.

Hope to see you all soon for another round of this! Maybe...

-- Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:06 pm --

Topic unlocked, so you can say congrats to the winners, give suggestions for next time, feedback on how this one went, etc.

Oh, and for winners to confirm they've collected their prize(s).

-- Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:07 pm --

Topic unlocked, so you can say congrats to the winners, give suggestions for next time, feedback on how this one went, etc.

Oh, and for winners to confirm they've collected their prize(s).

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